Quotes from our life

27 Aug 2014

  • C: He's not a bad dad -

27 Aug 2014

“…and well, I’ve had a ride on a speed bike before.”
— aaaaand we’re 12 years old.

27 Aug 2014

“I’ve been thinking and I think all of our boyfriends should be called the Fearful 5”

27 Aug 2014

“The deer would be hanging in the garage and I used to roller skate around it”
— Trac

24 Jul 2014

“You said i could shoot a whole load”

24 Jul 2014

“Doesn’t it look like I’m trying to pick her nose with my tongue?”

24 Jul 2014

“If I had balls, I wouldn’t put them in there”
— Ace

25 Apr 2014

“It’s not hard it’s just a floppy thing.”
— Colleen (on her new windshield wiper)

1 Mar 2014

“I’m sober so it’s okay if I get a ticket.”
— #logic Samantha

29 Dec 2013


  • Jenni: Are you trying to drunk text us dirty stuff?
  • Colleen: I was, but autocorrect kept it clean.

28 Nov 2013

“It’s not every Thanksgiving you get to define pixilated bukkake and road head for your mom.”
— Thank you Cards Against Humanity -Colleen

11 Nov 2013

  • Jenni (wanting to borrow Andrew's sweatshirt forever): Whyyyy don't we wear the same size?
  • Andrew: Because if I was your size you wouldn't date me, and if you were my size I wouldn't date you.

2 Nov 2013

  • Lady walks up to our tight spot at the parade: Is this spot taken?
  • Us: yeah, sorry we have more friends coming.
  • Lady: Really? Can I just squeeze in?
  • Erin: Is it just you?
  • Lady: It's me and my son.
  • Colleen: Sorry we have 5 possibly 6 more people coming.
  • Lady while smiling: The Red Sox don't save space for anyone.
  • Colleen deadpan: Uh, yeah they do.
  • Lady horrified by response scoffs and storms off. Sorry lady, you need to wake up earlier or have better friends who do. : -)

2 Nov 2013


  • Torey: I look like an oddball without my hat on.
  • Colleen: It's okay, Erin looks like an oddball with her brown hair on.

14 Oct 2013

“You are a resealable bag! Reseal! It is your only job.”
— Ace